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Name Job Title EXT
Dr. Fahd Al Sahli Dr. Fahd Al Sahli Dean of Development & Quality 011588-5210
Dr. Hasan Al Thurwi Dr. Hasan Al Thurwi Deputy Dean of Quality 011588-5212
Dr. Sultan Almalki Dr. Sultan Almalki Deputy Dean of Development 011588-5218
Dr. Eid Abo-Ezz Dr. Eid Abo-Ezz Consultant 011588-5215
Dr. Najlaa Mostaffa Dr. Najlaa Mostaffa Dean's Assistant 011588-5280
Dr. El Sayed Selim Dr. El Sayed Selim Consultant 011588-5213
Dr. Jalal Al Ashaari Dr. Jalal Al Ashaari Consultant 011588-5214
Dr. Khaled Al Jaaidi Dr. Khaled Al Jaaidi Consultant 011588-5216
Dr. Nadia Daoud Dr. Nadia Daoud Consultant 011588-5281
Dr. Sanaa Kamal Dr. Sanaa Kamal Consultant 011588-5270
Dr. Samah Mohamed Dr. Samah Mohamed Consultant 011588-5283
Sattam Elanze Sattam Elanze Administration Manager 011588-5222
Zyad A. Hamed Zyad A. Hamed IT Consultant 011588-5217
Ali Alasmary Ali Alasmary Public Relations 011588-5200
Mohammed Al Noibet Mohammed Al Noibet Workshops Coordinator 011588-5225


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