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Quality Policy

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Quality Policy


Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University aims at giving its stakeholders from those interests, students and the entire community an image that it is one of the best providers of university educational services. In this regard, all academic and administrative staff of the university are fully responsible and committed to achieving the highest satisfaction for our stakeholders by meeting their requirements and anticipating their expectations with a belief that the University would contribute to the provision of quality outcomes of graduates who are able to compete in the labor market and serve their country. In order for this to be achieved, PSAU implements the following policy:


  • Disseminating and implementing quality concepts to all employees of the university.
  • Building up strong relationships with the university clients ensuring long-term success by continuously meeting their requirements and expectations.
  • Committing to provide an educational service in an academic environment conforming to local and international standards.
  • Enhancing the value of teamwork and the use of team group mechanism in the execution of duties, developmental projects and processes of continuous improvement.
  • Establishing and supporting the principle of continuous improvement of educational services and their related supportive services.
  • Developing the skills of faculty members and the alike other staff through training and self-learning programs.
  • Establishing, implementing and improving the quality assurance system at the university in accordance with the requirements of the international standard for quality systems ISO 9001


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