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Dr. Fahd Al Sahli

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Fahad Saad Alsahli

Managerial Roles

Dean of Deanship of Development and Quality


Fahad Saad Alsahli

English language department, College of Sciences and Humanities in Alkharj.


Telephone: 015885222



2012            The University of Edinburgh


                             Research Title: “Learning and Self-Regulation in Translation Studies: The Experience of students’ in three contrasting undergraduate courses in Saudi Arabia”


2006            The University of Edinburgh

MSc in Translation Studies


2003            Imam Muhammed Ibn Saud Islamic University

                             BA in English Language



Managerial Experiences

2002-2003 I have worked as a training assitant in IPA in Damamm. I taught english language courses like:grammar, reading, and Listening. In addition to that i worked as an assistant to the head of the department.

2003-2012  have worked as a teaching assistant in the english language department.


Enhancing the Teaching of Translation in Three Contrasting Universities. Paper presented at SRHE Postgraduate and Newer Researchers Conference 2007, Brighton 10-13 December 2007.

Students’ Skill in self regulated learning in Translation Studies in Saudi Arabia. Paper presented at the 4th Saudi International Conference 2010, Manchester 29-31 July 2010.


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