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University Student and the System of Quality Assurance and Accreditation

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University Student and the System of Quality Assurance and Accreditation
The recent developments in the modern globe and the ease of exchange of ideas and cultures among nations have led to an environment where university education encounters a number of challenges and difficulties. Perhaps one of the most important competitive features of university students is meeting the requirements of the labor market, meeting the ambitions of students themselves and their parents. In this aspect, a big portion of responsibility is being burden by universities in qualifying students with competitive attributes by giving them the knowledge and enhancing their skills, abilities and capabilities beyond the limits of theoretical knowledge making them easily go beyond the local or regional competition reaching to the global competitiveness, while maintaining the fundamentals of nations and values. In such case, the quality system has emerged in the education.  And, it has become the only method in the development and continuous improvement to achieve the Excellency based on the preparation of graduates with different competencies and skills.
 The university student is the centric in the educational process. In specific, students' satisfaction with what has been provided to them, the impact of that on their skills and its connection to the labor market are pillars of the system of quality assurance and accreditation. It is worth to mention that most of the either national or international accreditation standards focus on the student. In accordance with the perspective of the total quality, each individual in the educational system - in general and in the educational institution - in particular is responsible for the institution and for achieving its Mission and Objectives. This will be only achieved by undertaken considerable efforts to achieve the goal that, in turn, would not be attained except by active participation in all classroom and extracurricular activities. For instance, the participation of students in surveys related to the university or program mission, the evaluation of the course / program, faculty member, academic or administrative issues of the university / faculty / department assist to develop real plans for improvement and development within the framework of academic Specific standards that, consequently, contribute in increasing the competitiveness of the graduates and helps to the achievement of an efficient and effective quality assurance system ensuring the development of nations. 
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