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Self-study represents a pivotal method for conducting the self-evaluation. It is mainly concerned with designating, and diagnosing the status quo of the academic program in accordance with the standards specified by the National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation (NCAAA). Indeed, not only  does   the self-study   constitute   the cornerstone in developing the academic process but also an incentive for the academic institution to evaluate the college/the academic programs with the aim of identifying the   strengths points  and the  points that need improvement. Such a process can be implemented via a methodology that uses clear evidences whose end result is to enhance the transparency of evaluation.    Subsequently, the college/academic programs will be prepared for the evaluation process executed by the internal and external reviewers.
The self-study, including its various parts like the inputs, evaluation standards, and inclusioners, represents the benchmark to which the external and internal reviewers would resort in their evaluation process in line with the other documents available in the college/academic department. In addition, it also features the benchmark for the processes of accreditation and the continuous improvement. It helps the teamwork to understand the main features of the followed methodology in the College/Departments. In this way, it assures the quality and fulfills its mission, objectives and the standards of the accreditation and the effectiveness of such methodology in association with the evidences. In the same vein, it provides overall recommendations, tangible and measurable, which steers the future plans in the college/program. 
Having conducted a successful self-study, it has to go through consecutives phases. The first phase rests in forming the team being responsible for preparing the self-study. Amongst the responsibilities being burdened to the self-study team is to make the orientation and to announce the process of self-study through seminars, pamphlets, posters, brochures, and the website. In addition, it is entitled to determine and prepare the convenient instruments for collecting and analyzing data qualitatively   and   quantitatively. An initial draft of the Self-study will be investigated in round table discussion with all the concerned parties. The process of the self-study has to be completed following the preparation of detailed, critical and objective report that reflects the present state of affairs  in the college/program.

Associate Professor, Dr. Eid Abouezz
Consultant at Deanship of 
Development & Quality.


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