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Development and Training Programs Organized by Deanship of Development &Quality

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Development and Training Programs Organized by Deanship of Development &Quality

Under the patronage of his Excellency, the rector of the University,   and the directions of University  Vice Retorate of Develpment and quality  and the Dean of Development and Quality, an ambitious training plan has been launched to meet the training requirements of the teaching staff members  and supply them with the necessary training programs at both program and institution levels.
It is evident that the programs being organized by the Deanship of Development and Quality aim at professionally develop the skills of the teaching staff members. In this respect, it provides training programs ranged from the learning outcomes, using modern technology aids in teaching to academic advising.
The Deanship of Development and Quality has paid unrivalled attention toward providing the teaching staff members with the necessary knowledge in the domain of Quality Assurance. Accordingly, the deanship has been burning the candle at both ends trying to disseminate the quality  culture amongst the teaching staff members.   It also works extremely hard to equip them with skills necessary for establishing an effective quality system which can play a major role in the continuous improvement of the entire activities of the University i.e. academic, research and community. Subsequently, the University could promote a developmental project which aims at preparing the University and number of its programs for obtaining the academic accreditation to rank amongst the   top international and national Universities. 
Indeed, the Deanship of Development and Quality organized a wide variety of workshops and the training programs, which are designed according to the training needs of the teaching staff members. These training programs cover the following areas of knowledge:
First: Professional Development Programs includes the following workshops: New Teaching Staff Members Orientation Program, Strategies of Learning and Assessment,   Learning Outcomes, Improving & Monitoring the Quality of Teaching, Academic Advising, Leadership and Communication Skills, Analysis of Statistical Data, Using Technology in Teaching-Designing Electronic Courses, and Using Smart board and blackboard in Teaching.
Second: Quality Programs includes the following workshops: Program/ course Specifications and program/ course Report, Establishing the Quality Systems, Program Self-Study, Institutional Evaluation, Preparing the Educational Institution for Accreditation, Learning Outcomes As Per National Qualifications Framework, Statistical Analysis of opinion poll, Benchmarking, Quality Assurance and Program and Institution  Evaluation, and   External and Internal Review.
It is worth mentioning that the training activities and the developmental ones have started in the University for five years, as the Deanship of Quality and Development has organized 161 workshops attended by 7577 trainees from the teaching staff members, male and female. In addition, a number of 145 teaching staff members, male and female, have attended the workshops organized by NCAAA,  which are  presented  by national and international experts.

Written by Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Omran
Consultant of Development & Quality Deanship.


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